Cara Vas Dias

COO, Co-Founder
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About Cara Vas Dias

Cara Vas Dias has been a strategic leader driving operational excellence for over 15 years in the technology, internet, advertising and consulting industries, with a proven track record across product management, product marketing, monetization and partner development.

Cara started her career in the Big Five consulting firms, where she focused on software implementations, workflow, and organizational models, before a six-year stint at Yahoo!, where she was promoted four times based on her ability to drive revenue, deliver products, and build relationships across Small Business, display, technology platforms, and video. As a Vice President at Panache, an ad technology company acquired by 24/7 Real Media, Cara led Business Solutions & Operations.

Most recently, as the SVP of Digital Monetization at Major League Gaming, Cara was responsible for building out their digital media business, growing revenue 300% in six months. Cara attended Claremont McKenna College, where she was a Distinguished Scholar graduate with dual degrees in Economics and Spanish, as well as an All-American Water Polo player.

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